Social Media Alternatives

Rumble Clouthub MeWe Gab (struggling but some good info) Don’t be UnAmerican and use FB, YT of Twatter. Step 1 in taking our country back is leaving Facebook. That should be your priority. Be Bold! Take a Stand! Step 2 is cancelling your pay tv subscription so you can stop funding the Enemies if the … Read more

Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online | The Spectator | Truth Conquers All

In 2010 Eric Coomer joined Dominion as Vice President of U.S. Engineering. According to his bio, Coomer graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. Eric Coomer was later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security although Coomer has sin … — Read on