Corrupt Philadelphia is going to be a tough fight for Trump’s lawyers

It used to be that I thought all Americans would agree on corruption and keeping elections fair. After all, for most of my life America was the world example of how a free society operated. We elected our leaders through fair and honest elections. Never perfect, but comfortably snug in the realty that cheating was not allowed, usually caught and the will of the people prevailed.

This idea was juxtaposed to Soviet or Third World politics that was corrupt and based upon greasing the palm of whomever was in power. You know, totalitarianism!

In addition, I thought most of my friends and other citizens felt the same way.

2016 changed all of that.

I could not believe my longtime friends actually fell for and still believe the Russian collusion story. I watched as mainstream news organizations that I had relied upon for most of my 50 some odd years to be motivated by the truth not only report on this story but became the story and pushed the false narrative. Soon after the election I dropped all my pay tv services. These people had been wrong, really wrong about the 2016 election. (similarly as wrong about 2020), why would I care what they say or report anymore?

I knew the whole collusion story was based upon Donald Trump obviously making a joke about Russia and Hillary emails. It was blatantly obvious and it’s hard to believe my peers and friends who were liberal could not see this. I’m sure they knew but had so much contempt for Donald Trump that it didn’t matter. Getting rid of “Orangeman” became a all consuming desire for everyone, yes everyone on the left.

Then 2020 and Covid-19 came around and turned my perception of reality even further upside down.

So here we are.

Corruption gets ignored and not reported by the mainstream media. Dissent on Social Media gets expunged. Our overlords are in charge of the narrative.

For Trump to win this election he needs to overturn illegal votes in four states. This is going to be an uphill battle and America will not be behind him. Quite the contrary, America will be fighting him. Fighting him the same way they’ve been fighting him for the last four years. America, the good America, that I thought existed is now simply a youtube search. It’s over. It’s been archived. You can take a look at it but it doesn’t exist anymore. Instead what we have is corruption. Corruption in support of the Corrupt. This is what America is now to the rest of the universe. A country steeped in corruption at the highest levels.

This story is America, the new America. Click the link below.


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