Conservatives Continue to Lick the Boots of Tyrants

We are now in the midst of the Big Purge of 2021 with Trump and other fighters for an America First agenda and against voter fraud such as General Flynn, Sidney Powell being banned from Facebook and Twitter. But don’t worry, Trump supporters and Conservatives have their back…

No, not really.

As a matter of fact Conservatives continue to provide Facebook and Twitter the allegiance to get away with their First Amendment abuses by staying on those Social Media platforms and continuing to share funny little memes and cute puppies.

The excuses for this are fantastic!

“We need to stay and fight and show these tyrants they can’t push us around.”

“We need to stay and provide an alternative argument against the left.”

As if they are not indeed being pushed around, fact checked and literally programmed out of being seen in the newsfeed.

This is typical behavior by Conservatives and is why they are losing and being eliminated from every institution in the United States.

Every night the big 3 networks, CNN and MSNBC spew propaganda and yet Conservatives continue to bless them with their monthly pay TV subscription.

Conservatives flock to ESPN to watch College Football while ESPN continues to treat them like second class citizens.

Entertainment to Conservatives is more important than a free society.

Conservatives are quick to laugh at liberals but the reality is liberals and Democrats are much more disciplined than Conservatives. They know how to boycott and they know how to cancel and band together to sway advertisers and corporations.

Maybe it’s because Conservatives have too much to lose. Maybe it’s because they are selfish and like their cute puppy pictures and love to take pictures of where they are eating or visiting to impress their “friends.” I’m not sure but I do know they are getting clobbered in the culture war and have no desire to give up their entertainment vices to fight for liberty and free speech.

So while Donald Trump and his family have been sidelined by Facebook his fans and followers continue to lick the boots of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Corporations and the Big Networks while America slowly but surely becomes worse than the former USSR or any other Communist country on the planet.

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